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By Guest Writer dwardcooks

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am excited to share with all of you how to prepare the best Thanksgiving turkey. This recipe is one I have been working on for about 10 years now, and it creates a never fail, juicy, delicious turkey that your whole family will love.

This turkey has all the traditional flavors of Thanksgiving, but it is revamped to make it so flavorful and moist. Some people tend to go a little experimental with holidays, but I like to keep with the classic flavors that remind me of family.


What equipment do I need to cook a turkey?

Turkey is not overly complicated, nor does it need a ton of fancy equipment. You can read more about my essential tools to cook your perfect Thanksgiving feast, but you will just need a roasting pan with a rack, a thermometer, aluminum foil, cooking twine, and a cutting board.

There are two things I am adamant about ditching in 2020 if you still have them in your kitchen: your turkey baster and your electric knife. We are not wasting time with basting in 2020.


Your family deserves a high quality turkey

This year, I bought my turkey from​ ​Stoltzfus Family Foods​ at the Ardmore Farmers Market in​ ​Suburban Square​, Ardmore, PA. They source their poultry from small, local family farms in Lancaster County, PA, and they have some of the best quality meats around. What’s great about their selection is that I was also able to pick up turkey wings for my ultimate turkey stock — but you can even skip the roasting step and buy their rotisserie turkey wings.

When I picked up the turkey from Ardmore Farmers Market, I also grabbed the vegetables and herbs needed at Ardmore Produce. If you’re going to make the best Thanksgiving turkey recipe, you’re going to need the best products. If you are local to the Philly suburbs,​ ​Suburban Square​ is the one-stop-shop for Thanksgiving.

Read the full recipe on my website, dwardcooks.com


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