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Over the past few months, essential workers all around the world have stepped up to help communities like ours stay healthy and safe. At Suburban Square, we’re grateful to and proud of all our essential workers who have helped our visitors get through this challenging period.

We’re so thankful to have an amazing sanitation team that has made it possible for us to continue offering essential services like groceries and meals to our community. We had the opportunity to talk with Filemon Martinez, our maintenance supervisor, about his 10-person team’s experiences and hard work the past few months.

Filemon MartinezFilemon Martinez


Q: What does a day look like for the maintenance team?

A: We have two teams: maintenance and housekeeping. Our duties are basically the same, and that is mainly to check every single building. We are in charge of keeping the lights on, changing the light bulbs, and letting the construction know about any defects or work that needs to be done.

The maintenance side is in charge of fixing the property and keeping everything safe. On the housekeeping side, we check the inside: the bathrooms, common areas, paths, contact points on entrances, and generally wherever people interact. Every morning before any area is open to the public, we sanitize and clean.


Q: What precautions are you taking to keep your workers safe?

A: We do a training session every month for safety measures. When working with cleaning chemicals, workers have to wear goggles, gloves, and work boots, which doubles as our uniform. All workers must wear face masks, wash their hands frequently, and use the sanitization stations.

We are also practicing social distancing amongst the staff, staying six feet apart. We take turns for the break room to keep that distance and sanitize the room after using it.


Q: What has the transition been like for you and your team during stay-at-home orders?

A: It’s been important to have the right information. In the beginning, there was a lot of fear of “am I going to get [COVID-19]?” and a lot of questions. But with more information and safety measures, we can take care of ourselves and all the Suburban Square workers and keep everyone as safe as possible. We are doing great, and everybody’s coming to work.


Our maintenance and housekeeping team keeps the Square looking so beautiful!


Q: What is morale like among the maintenance team?

A: I think it’s really important to check in. I talk to every single person, checking in all day, asking how they are feeling, if they need an extra break, trying to see to their needs. With good communication with everybody, we can detect and see any concerns they may have during this time.

I can say from my own perspective, we are the key that keeps the property running at its highest standard. It doesn’t matter what’s happening, you have to keep the same level of work that we are doing. We are here, and we have to do our best.


Q: What do you want visitors to know when they come to Suburban Square?

A: We’re proud to be the ones that keep the property clean and safe. It’s comforting to know that we’re essential and appreciated. Some customers may come in expecting a disaster, but we’re here doing our best so that you can have a great shopping experience. That makes us happy. We always greet visitors, asking them how they’re doing and how their day is. We have a lot of good people here—the customers and the tenants.


We’re honored to have such a hardworking group of people on our team. The next time you visit Suburban Square, if you see a member of our maintenance and housekeeping team, join us in thanking them!