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The holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends—and what brings people together more than food? Everyone has their own holiday food traditions and cultural influences, including our tenants at the Ardmore Farmers Market.

This season can get hectic, so why not stop by one of our many diverse tenants for some extra culinary tips to get you through the holidays? There’s no need to stress when you have all of these tasty options for your festive feast.


Tabouli Cuisines

 Tabouli Cuisines is your go-to spot for delicious, homemade Middle Eastern cuisine. According to Keenan Safadi, son of owner Mona Safadi, their favorite holiday delicacies are full Maqlubi dinners—a very complex, traditional Middle Eastern dish.

Maqlubi consists of a flavorful combination of natural chicken breast with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, jasmine rice, carrots, and fried eggplants, topped with roasted almond slices. It’s made through an extensive layering process, but the final step is the hardest—placing a dish on top of the pot and flipping it over to create the beautiful shape. The word Maqlubi translates to “upside down” in Arabic, hence the name of this delicious traditional dish.


At Tabouli, you can also find scrumptious side dishes and appetizers that double as great holiday gifts. Try the homemade hummus and babaganoush, spanakopita, falafel, or burikas. Or, choose from their delicious party tray options: a Middle Eastern tray, Greek favorite tray, or cauliflower tray.


The Ultimate Bake Shoppe

 Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Head over to The Ultimate Bake Shoppe for some sweet holiday treats! We spoke with Manager and Cake Decorator Mary McAfee to learn all about their tasty holiday traditions.

McAfee says the team devotes a lot of time during the holiday season into making Christmas and Hanukkah cookie trays. There’s plenty of flavor options to choose from for your tray: chocolate chips, festive shortbread and butter cookies, traditional pfeffernusse, schnecken/rugelach, biscotti and more. These cookie trays are adorable, festive, and customizable, making them a perfect gift or dessert to bring along to dinner.

The Ultimate Bake Shoppe also offers a wide array of pies and customizable cakes, allowing you to choose your favorite holiday greetings or decorations to craft a delicious dessert.


Stoltzfus Family Foods

Stoltzfus Family Foods is your one-stop-shop for all things savory and sweet. Justin Brown filled us in on traditional holiday favorites, including their mouth-watering prime rib roasts, standing rib roasts, and prime filet roasts. During the holiday season, their most popular dishes are lamb rib chops, lamb crown roasts, and pork crown roasts. Anything from the Stoltzfus meat selection is sure to satisfy the carnivores in your crew!

On the bakery side, check out the pumpkin rolls, pies, and according to Brown, the customer favorite: raspberry filled doughnuts! Plus, if you’re not sure what to get the foodie of the family, Stoltzfus Family Foods is excited to offer brand-new gift cards for sale.

These are just three great examples that showcase the wide variety of traditional (and customer-favorite) seasonal foods that the Ardmore Farmers Market has to offer. Stop by and see for yourself to make this holiday season a breeze!