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Where & Wear: A Fall Style Guide from the Square

Friday, August 26, 2022

If you're like us, you're refreshing your wardrobe every season - and fall fashion is always a favorite. Light jackets, turtlenecks, and the perfect latte to match? We're here for it. With so many retailers serving up the most popular styles, Suburban Square is your essential stop for the latest fall trends.

Trends Galore - Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is always on point with the latest trends, from your favorite TikTok-inspired fit to a revamped throwback. Their latest time-traveling trend? These 2000s low-waisted cargo pants. Get ready for your comeback, Avril Lavigne.

Screenshot via Urban Outfitters on Instagram

For all the sk8r bois out there looking for something a little more mild, fortunately corduroy never goes out of style, as proven by this big button-up

Screenshot via Urban Outfitters Philadelphia on Instagram

High-Waisted Loyalists - Ruby & Jenna

The return of low-waisted fashion is controversial, we know. For those who'll never go back, Ruby & Jenna has you covered... literally. Their high-waisted cargo pants are a perfect alternative that still give you a cool-girl look, fit for Euphoria High and beyond.

Retro Pieces - Faherty

Another 2000s trend that's coming in hot? Denim skirts. This denim midi from Faherty is a find with effortlessly retro vibes. Too middle-school art teacher for you? Faherty has plenty of other options to keep you in their breezy, beachy style all year round.

The Denim Experts - Madewell

You can reject a denim skirt, but you can't resist the timeless appeal of Madewell. Check out their latest denim trends before heading to the Square to treat yourself to a new pair of jeans. Our personal favorite? These super-wide jeans will elevate any outfit, and they have the quality to last through pumpkin-picking trips for years to come.

Be Bold - Stile by Per Lei

It's the blazers for us. Whether you're channeling your inner Elaine Benes for a casual 90s vibe or trying to bring some more professionalism to your wardrobe, a blazer will never go out of style. Take notes from European fashion this fall with bold statement pieces like the bubblegum blazer from Stile by Per Lei.

Staying Hot - Francesca's

Fall's only downfall: no one knows whether or not to turn off the AC. That makes this cropped cardigan an absolute must for your freezing cold classroom or office. Fortunately, Francesca's has everything you need to stay warm while looking cute this autumn.

Whether you're shopping to stun your classmates or to stay warm this fall, the best way to get the style you want is to give yourself plenty of options. With a plethora of retailers, Suburban Square is the perfect place to shop. Show us how you're stepping out at the Square on social media by tagging us in your fit pics and using the hashtag #SuburbanSquare!