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Top Takes at the Square

Thursday, July 1, 2021

We love seeing photos from your trip to Suburban Square! Some of our visitors really know their angles, and we think everybody should appreciate their best photos, so here are some of our favorite guest 'grams.

Is this the Friends reunion everyone was talking about? These besties found their lighting and the best way to spend a sunny day!

Rating: 10/5. Squad goals.

If this doesn't make you want to grab your floppy hat and head out for brunch, we don't know what will.

Rating: The fashion alone is a 5/5, but the smile and cocktail in hand brings it to a 10/5.

That smolder. Very Flynn Rider-esque.

Rating: 15/5.

Do you ever have trouble getting the perfect picture of yourself? Darien doesn't. He took five top-tier shots in one day! Not fair.

Rating: 10/5 for being so effortlessly photogenic.

When Garrett isn't working as a realtor with Compass here in Ardmore, he's bonding with his daughter! We love seeing families having fun together at the Square.

Rating: 15/5 for those smiles. 20/5 for the father-daughter bonding moment.

Don't these picture-perfect moments make you want to head to the Square and make some memories of your own? Don't forget to tag us in your best photos we love to feature them on our social media channels!