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Stepping Into Spring With The Suburbans of the Squ

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Students. Cooks. Nannies. Gymnasts-in-training. Every single Suburban Square visitor has a story.

You may remember that back in the winter, we ventured out with a camera and open ears to stop and chat with the Suburbans of the Square that we encountered along the way. With warmer weather and a new season full of adventures ahead of us, we just knew we had to do it again.

Come along with us to get to know the Suburbans of the Square we met this spring.

Nola and Sophie

"Sophie, we're gonna be famous on Instagram!" squeals her best friend Nola. The grass is the perfect place for their gymnastics, and these two love doing cartwheels and handstands. Their nannies Leslie and Shelby frequently take them to the Square so everyone can get their fill of sunshine and fresh air.

Not only is Suburban Square a prime stop for practicing their tricks, but it's also the perfect place for getting their energy back afterward. Sophie loves the chicken nuggets at Not Your Average Joe's, while Nola is a fan of the pita at Cava. These girls' energy is unmatched, and we can't wait to see their next acrobatic performances!

Sara and Angelesia

Sara and Angelesia's friendship was signed, sealed, and delivered when fate put them in the same dorm freshman year.

"We go to Villanova and finals are next week, so Suburban Square is such a good place to study. We probably come here four to five times a week because of Life Time Fitness and Sweetgreen, and since it's really close to our school," says Sara. There's nothing like a nice change of scenery to help you power through your work-we're so glad Suburban Square can be that place for these busy bees.

"We had a formal last night, and we're studying here today. Party tonight, fundraiser tomorrow, darty (daytime party) on Sunday," adds Angelesia. To keep them fueled up for their long list of activities, they recommend Kilwins, Di Bruno Bros, and Trader Joe's for their fellow foodies.

Jada and Tanya

"We drove up from Chester! We came here because there was more availability at the Apple Store."

What Jada and Tanya didn't realize was that their afternoon errand was about to turn into a magical day on Suburban Square. They grabbed lunch while they waited for their appointment and spent time in the sunshine enjoying the nice weather.

Now that spring is in full swing and summer is upon us, check out all of the delicious outdoor dining options at restaurants like Lola's Garden, Dan Dan, and Not Your Average Joe's to have a picture-perfect day just like these two.

Brian, Victoria, and Paige

What inspired these besties to head to lunch at Lola's Garden? "It's way too nice to not be outside today." The three friends, Brian, Paige, and Victoria, work nearby at American Trench, a lifestyle brand based out of our own super-stylish Ardmore. When they need to break away from the workday, they walk over to Suburban Square - their go-to spot to grab a bite during their lunch break.

"It's just really beautiful here, and during the day it's a great place to unwind, relax, and recharge," Brian explained.

We're always proponents of seizing the day at the Square-after all, when the weather is too good to pass up, it's the perfect place to be!

This terrific trio eventually had to go back to work, but not before stopping for some ice cream. We like the way they think.

Mo and Anika

Tabouli serves up fresh Levantine cuisine within the Ardmore Farmers Market, and Mo, husband to owner Mona, is one of the friendliest cooks you'll meet.

"We've been here for five years, and this is our only stand. It's a lot of work, and everything is handmade," he says. Because their customers always come back for seconds, they all know each other like family. Mo offers this pro tip (along with a wink): "You can always add your own salt!"

Anika, a student studying at St. Joseph's University, is eager to learn in the classroom as well as the kitchen. "I just started at Tabouli in January. The environment, the food, and the family business kind of vibe is really cool," she says. "It's nice and quiet, and it's been a fun side thing to do along with school."

Wise words from Anika: "You have to try the maqluba!"


Colleen is a seasoned Suburban of the Square who has lived in the area her whole life. "At Suburban Square you can find everything within walking distance, from essentials to great restaurants and home goods," she raves. "There are so many healthy options, too-I love that part."

Her go-to snack spot is the fruit smoothie and juice stand within Ardmore Produce that she calls a "hidden gem"-and she often visits with a friend or two.

"I always bring my dog with me. He loves the patio or anywhere he can get a takeout water cup. I also love taking kids here when I nanny. I always have a baby or a dog!" she says with a laugh.

There's no such thing as too many dogs or babies on the Square! We love offering a space that the whole family can enjoy.


We loved catching up with the Suburbans of the Square and learning what they're up to this spring!

If you see our social media team wandering around the Square with a camera and an armful of Suburban Square tote bags, don't be shy - stop to say hello and tell us your story! We can't wait to meet even more of the unique and diverse people we have the privilege of calling our visitors.