Anderson & Coulter Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003

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Suburban Square is notably one of America’s original outdoor shopping centers. The original (and rarely used) name was “Hestobeen Square”, a combination of three of the developers’ names. It was renamed in a 1936 contest as “Suburban Square.”

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Suburban Square is also credited with being the first such shopping center to include a true department store, when Strawbridge & Clothier opened in 1930. The original Strawbridge’s was converted to Macy’s in 2006. In 2017, that space became LifeTime Athletic, a 70,000-square-foot club offering boutique programming, specialized studios, premium amenities, services, and entertainment. Bringing a best-in-class fitness opportunity like LifeTime, along with additional retailers and restaurant opportunities, has helped shape Suburban Square into a true live, work, play environment.

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We have been working hard to develop and activate our outdoor courtyard, allowing visitors to enjoy more beautiful green spaces at the center of the Square all year long. With the option to head over to the Farmers Market to prepare a picnic, and enjoy lunch in our colorful adirondack chairs, Suburban Square has become your go-to destination for an activated, engaging, social space with a city-cool vibe.

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At Suburban Square, things are happening! Construction of Station Row is underway with expected completion in 2019. Station Row is located on the south side of Coulter next to the train station. This space will be home to 30,000 square feet of first floor retail and second floor office space, and will extend retail all the way up Coulter Avenue. This construction will include the creation of an outdoor space, continuing to blend a convenient suburban shopping experience with an urban sensibility.


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